1. Too much condensation
  2. The fridge is no longer cold inside
  3. Food is spoiling too fast
  4. The freezer is producing ice bergs
  5. Your fridge is more than 10 years old

Too much condensation

If your fridge is sweating in the middle of a very hot day then there might be some cooling issues. Inspect the rubber sealing if there is also condensation there. Mold or mildew can also be a sign that moisture is a problem in the seals. This can signify that the fridge is not cooling properly as it should. Id condensation is also observed inside this can mean your cooling system is not working as it should. If this is unchecked you will surely notice that some of your food items in your fridge will spoil sooner than it should. This can mean buying a new refrigerator is necessary.

The fridge is no longer cold inside

Heat in the outside cabinet of the fridge is normal. But if the heat is becoming too much, especially in the backside, then there might something wrong. You have to remember that the coils behind the fridge are insulated so there should be no excessive heat coming from there. It is a good decision to call a technician ASAP when this sign surfaces as this can be considered a hazard inside your home. However, if this excess heat is accompanied by other problems in your fridge then it may be better to just buy a new one than spend more money on a technician that will only be repairing a chronic and escalating problem.

Food is spoiling too fast

When you notice that your food does not last as long as it did before then this can be a tell tale sign that your fridge is having a hard time reaching and maintaining ideal temperature in accordance to your settings. It is also important to note how long it takes for your fridge to cool food. If it cannot cool a pack of beer as fast as it used to do then that too is a sure sign that you might need a new fridge.

This is not just a convenience issue but most importantly a cost issue. A fridge that cannot maintain temperature is still consuming electricity and while it is doing that, it is failing to preserve your food so you will also end up wasting your money on edible perishable items. A new fridge in this case is well justified.

The freezer is producing icebergs rather than ice cubes!

Obviously the freezer is designed to turn liquid into ice. But in cases when you cannot seem to defrost your food fast enough and ice formation is so quick that you need to chip your way through the food every time you cook then there is something wrong with your fridge. Newer models have anti-ice forming mechanisms so you do not even have to deal with ice accumulation anymore. While some fridge out in the market now has an auto-defrost function, meaning no more chiseling of ice bergs inside your freezer.

Your fridge is more than 10 years old

A refrigerator has a life span of up to 20 years, more than that actually if you really push it. But on the 10th year of a fridge’s life is when problems start to surface. The repair costs you will be paying will start to mount up considerably. New maintenance issues will even surface through the years and that too will add on to your costs of just keeping the fridge a little bit longer. The constant repair costs can actually be used to save money to buy a new one. So when your fridge hit the one decade mark, start shopping for a new one before you drown yourself with repair expenses. Plus you also need to understand that newer refrigerators are more energy efficient. You are not only saving yourself from mounting maintenance costs but also from high electric bills.

The fridge is actually one of the loudest appliances you have in your house. But you would also not typically hear it run either. It should just hum quietly, not produce a sound that can disturb even a quiet conversation in the kitchen. The loud noise should prompt you to call a technician ASAP as this can point to motor issues. But if the problem persists then it means you need to buy a new fridge.


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