In our busy modern lifestyle, when something is broken we tend to replace it with a new and improved version instead of taking the time to see if we can repair it. That’s not always possible, or the best practice, when it comes to your appliances! You wouldn’t get a new car every time you needed an oil change or a tune-up! Somethings need servicing from time to time, and so do your household appliances.

We often forget but after awhile, our household appliances need a little tender love and care before they can get back to their optimal working conditions. That’s why McIver’s Appliances is proud to not only sell top quality name brand appliances, but also offer appliance parts & repair. So don’t worry if something seems to be going wrong with one of your appliances, because a quick servicing or replacement part can get it working like new again!

Without further adieu, here are five things we think you need to know about appliance parts & repair:

1. McIver’s has offered the finest replacement parts for all major appliances in the Lower Mainland, so don’t worry whatever is broken, we’ve got the equipment to fix it!

2. These parts aren’t just offered for a quick fix, but rather, they’re quality pieces that will help make your appliance last and function at its highest capability.

3.We understand the importance, value, and convenience that appliances have to modern families and why it is important to provide a quality and detailed evaluation, thorough troubleshooting, and to let you know the bottom line on the condition of your appliance.

4.Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind that your appliance is working better than new.  With over half a century of knowledge and experience, McIver’s goal is to meet the demands and requirements of our customers in order to promptly and professionally fix the issue at hand and save our clients from having to unnecessarily buy a new appliance.

5.However, if for some reason we do not have what you seek in stock, we will be happy to make a special order for you and have it sent to us immediately! We offer at home servicing for all of the appliances we sell in our Vancouver store. If you have a problem with an appliance that you’ve purchased elsewhere, bring it into our location and we would be happy to take a look at it for you!

McIver’s Appliances makes it easy for you to quickly acquire the appliance parts & repair that you need to get your machines working like new again. Don’t waste your hard earned money buying a new unit, when you’re appliances could be working better than new with just a little bit of special attention.

If you have an appliance you think needs repairing or know you need appliance parts & repair straightaway, call McIver’s Appliances in Vancouver and our friendly knowledgeable staff will be able to assist you! Call us today at (604) 879-5222!