About Us

McIver’s Appliance Sales and Service has been a fixture in the Lower Mainland for over 50 years and since day one, customer satisfaction has been the utmost importance to us.  We have worked hard to establish and maintain our reputation for the products we sell and the services we provide.  Please feel welcome to take a look at some examples of our customer feedback and we would love to hear from you on your experience at McIver’s.

I have depended on Jack McIver to sell me good appliances (new and used) and to repair those that need it since 1964 when my husband and I moved to Vancouver. As two impoverished, university professors in desperate need of a stove and refrigerator for the house we had rented, we visited his Broadway store. He found us the used appliances we needed and, 12 years later, we were still using the refrigerator. In the meantime, we inherited a stove, which Jack kept in good repair until 1976 when we bought a new one—an Enterprise—on his advice; I am still using it and, again, it is Jack’s repairs that have made it possible for me to do so. He has also kept the refrigerator we bought from him in 1976 functioning perfectly, and in the last several years, he has expertly repaired my 1990 Maytag dishwasher and washer/dryer. The new refrigerator I bought from him two or three years ago has proved totally reliable as has the used stove I bought in 1987.

In short, all of my dealings with Jack have been extremely happy ones: I trust him absolutely to fix what is fixable and to give me excellent advice when a replacement is necessary. I have told many friends that one cannot go wrong to buy from Jack McIver and to call him when repairs are needed. Jack is a great example of an honest and very knowledgeable business man.


We were looking for a small item, an element replacement for our electric stove. Normally when you walk into an appliance store, they expect you to buy a big ticket item, but the sales there was very helpful and found us the item we needed, though a small purchase, but they helped us all the same.

Dennis F.

We just arrived in our new appartment and had to get some new appliances.We went to this shop first, and luckily it was the right one. We bought a fridge and an oven at very good price.


Recently, I purchased a Huebsch washer and dryer. I am very pleased with the results of my wash. They are quick and efficient in cleaning. Thanks Jack!

Penelope P.

We are so pleased with the service we received from McIver’s Appliance Sales and Service in our new purchase of a washer and dryer. How lucky are we to have had the assistance of such a team as the McIver team.

Karen, you assisted us with figuring out the dimensions and requirements of our appliance purchase and Jack, you assisted us in the set-up and installation in our home. Jack even discovered that our home venting system was flawed, and redesigned it to work efficiently! We have two full bags of lint (Jack figured about four years’ worth) to prove that the venting was not working effectively prior to our new appliance installation.

We are so impressed that Jack McIver, himself, completed the installation, and we feel confident that the work has done by a professional. Thank you both for all of your hard work.

We will spread the word that McIver’s Appliances is the place to go to receive good customer care and product satisfaction.

L.G. and S.D.

The staff at McIver’s are very knowledgeable!  My dryer venting hose and the outside venting cap had disintegrated so it was time for an upgrade.  I looked around on Google to see if I could do it myself and it appeared that I might be able to tackle the problem on my own once I had secured the essential parts.  The big box stores carry all the parts but McIver’s is very close to home so I thought that I would try them first.

Was I ever happy that I did! The ladies behind the counter were extremely helpful and they provided me with all of the necessary parts to complete the job.  A few years ago I purchased a Huebsch washer from McIver’s and I am very happy with it too.

Thanks very much for being there, McIver’s.

Kanae S.

Thank you very much for looking after installing, sourcing, and selecting such a great washing machine. We’re very happy with it!


I have been using McIver’s Appliances for many years. During that time, I’ve come to respect Jack for his honesty and integrity. As well, the products have always been “first rate” for quality and reliability.

Recently, my old Maytag washer/dryer had to be replaced. They had given me 35 years of service, but, finally. the transmission in the washer failed and parts were no longer available.

Based solely on Jack’s recommendation, I decided to replace my old Maytags with a Huebsch washer and dryer. I’ve been using them for several months now and am delighted with these units. They have large capacities and operate quietly. As well, the high speed spin cycles of the washer result in clothes spending less time in the dryer. In these times of rising energy costs, this is a significant bonus!

I highly recommend Jack McIver and his staff to anyone looking for excellent service and dependable appliances.

Doug M.

It is not often these days, that you run into good old-fashioned integrity and service that people of my parent’s generation could almost take for granted, but it is still alive and well at McIver’s Appliances!

You just can’t get better service than calling in one day and having Jack at the door the next morning at 7:30am, as promised. I must admit to being somewhat jaded these days and kind of held his feet to the fire, so to speak, but he came through with flying colours, exactly as advertised! JACK IS THE REAL DEAL! Many thanks for the prompt attention and sincere apologies for assuming that your business practises would be the standard extended by most these days. You are a true breath of fresh air.