Why Us

About Us

What makes McIver’s different from any other appliance sales and service retailer?

Experience.  If you’ve been committed to anything for 50 years, you’re bound to know a thing or two.  Jack McIver has made a living providing his customers with his own personal expertise decade after decade. When it comes to purchasing appliances, it’s not just about brand names and flashy exteriors, it’s about finding the right appliance for your lifestyle and budget.  There are a lot of new machines on the market with bells and whistles, but the staff at our Vancouver repair company, McIver’s, know that new does not equate good, and expensive does not equate quality. Instead of merely suggesting the shiniest and most expensive products, our Vancouver appliance experts are willing to take the time to educate customers on the small things that make all the difference in the long run.  We believe in treating every customer like they are family; a philosophy that, over the years, has earned McIver’s the reputation as one of the leading appliance sales and service locations in the Lower Mainland.

When you purchase an appliance, appliance parts, or repair services at McIver’s, you will not only receive what you came in for, but our goal is to also educate you on your appliance to make sure that it provides you with a full lifetime of service.  We stand confidently behind the quality of our work and are proud to say that we do not use any second rate parts when repairing your appliances.

While we welcome your phone call, we would much rather put a face to the name and meet you in person. Call us a bit “old fashioned”, but we believe in establishing long-lasting, in-person relationships with our clients.  Please feel free to visit us at 38 East 69th Avenue or contact us at 604-879-5222.