At McIver’s Appliances, we understand that with experience comes knowledge. Proudly serving Vancouver for over 50 years, we are assured that we understand appliances. We know that the right appliances can be valuable for the convenience of a modern family’s life. That’s why when you have appliances in need of repair, we are confident that we can help. At McIver’s, due to our appliance knowledge, we can fix just about anything. If you’re shopping for replacement parts, our wide stock guarantees that you’ll find something that’s of use to you. If not, we’d be happy to make orders for you for the specific parts that you want.

Appliances do many things for us that make our lives easier. Washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers all do their part in reducing the amount of chores that we need to do every day and help maintain the house’s cleanliness. Refrigerators and freezers help keep our food fresh. Life without these appliances would be much less convenient and would involve a lot more work from us. That’s why keeping your appliances in good condition is not only important, but having appliances that are well-crafted keeps them from running into problems.

When problems do occur, our staff is happy to help. For all products sold by us, we provide home service. All other products can be brought into our store for service. Trust that our experienced workers will be able to take your appliance and restore it to working condition. To maintain the high standards we are known for, we won’t just do a simple fix, we’ll leave your appliance working better than ever before.

For all your appliance repair needs, look to McIver’s Appliances, located in Vancouver and serving across the Lower Mainland.