1. Keep blinds closed
  2. Use a hacked fan
  3. Keep your body cool
  4. Cool your bed
  5. Let the air in at night
  6. Change your lights
  7. Think long term
  8. Grill instead of bake

Keep blinds closed

Experts say that up to 30% of unwanted heat comes from the windows. A simple installation of a curtain or blinds and closing them during the summer months can reduce your cooling costs up to 7%. The indoor temperature of a house with blinds closed can go down up to 20 degrees and that is a huge difference. Regulating the sunlight coming inside thru the windows can essentially translate to your home not being turned into a greenhouse. North and south facing windows must be at the center of this pointer so get on it ASAP. This intervention is cheap, quick, and very effective.

Use a hacked fan

It is tempting to get the air-conditioner running non-stop during the summer months but this can mean higher utility bills. If a fan is not just enough for your indoor temperature ideals you can choose to hack the fan instead by preparing a bowl of ice or an ice pack and letting the breeze from the fan go through the ice at an angle. The result is an air that is misty and cool, like a sea breeze in the cool of the day. Sometimes you just need a little creativity to lower the temperature without spending much.

Keep your body cool

Instead of focusing on the temperature of the house you can start addressing the temperature in your body first. This inside out approach works very well and should stop you from complaining too much about the heat in your surroundings. Start by drinking ice cold beverages through the day or applying cold cloth even placing ice on areas like your neck and wrists. You can also start being smart with your clothing choices. A cotton sleeveless shirt can go a lot in making you feel cool. You can also choose to take multiple baths through the day to address humidity issues.

Cool your bed

The places where you feel the most heat and where you are likely to be forced to turn on the air-conditioner is when you are in bed, ready to sleep. To steer clear from this bed temperature problem you can use a chillow for your head (cold water filled pillow made to keep your head cool). This can significantly make you feel cooler through the night. You can also use a frozen water bottle and then place it at the foot of your bed. This can radiate coolness through the bed especially in your feet. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

Let the air in at night

Even in the middle of summer the temperature can drop significantly in the night. Maximize this to keep your home cool by opening your windows before you climb to bed. The temperature drop outside can come inside your room and help your fan produce the temperature level you desire while you sleep. To make both work for you very well, place the fan near an open window so that it can suck the cool air from the outside and force it to your direction. That perfect breeze would be priceless through the night. Just do not forget to close the same bedroom window and replace the blinds the following morning before it gets too hot.

Change your lights

If you still have some incandescent lighting around your house replace it with compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) or better yet some LED lighting. Incandescent light emits a lot of heat in fact up to 90% of its energy consumption is wasted on the heat it produces. By kicking off the incandescent lighting for good you are not only cooling your house down during the summer you will also be reducing your power consumption at a time where you really need to do so.

Think long term

The thing is summer months would visit you annually whether you like it or not. To make sure that the next time it comes you are ready for the higher temperature, why not make some home changes that are long term and should equip you to deal with the summer heat year after year? You can start by putting some insulated window films on all your windows in the house. This can complement the blinds very well and should regulate effectively the sunlight and heat coming into your indoor spaces during the summer. You can even think about putting some awnings or even consider planting trees around the house for additional shade in the hot months.


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