In order for a washing machine to continue to keep getting your clothes clean, it has to be kept clean itself. You may think that it cleans itself, but dirt and grime can easily build up. At McIver’s Appliances, we want you to understand how to best take care of your machines so that they’ll last you a long time. Here are our suggestions:

  1. When a cycle’s finished, be sure to remove the load promptly. This will help to avoid a moldy odour from establishing in the basin and being moved on to your clothes and linens.
  2. After each wash cycle, raise the cover or keep the door somewhat ajar to enable air to distribute and dry out any lingering wetness. Always remember to get rid of any water or fabric softener gunk from the dispenser drawers.
  3. If you have an animal that sheds in the house, there’s no chance around it, you’re going to find pet hair in your washer after running a number of loads. The easiest method to remove it is to leave the door open until the pet hair and drum are thoroughly dry. Using your vac’s soft brush accessory, vacuum out the pet hair.
  4. Running a month-to-month cleaning cycle can also help to prevent any odours. Most new models have a unique washer cleaning cycle. If yours doesn’t, simply add liquid chlorine bleach to the dispenser and run a typical cycle with hot water; or use of a speciality cleaner and follow the product’s instructions.
  5. Always remember to clean the outside of your washer too. Simply use a soft, moist fabric to wipe up spills and never use an abrasive cleanser or solvent that can scratch and harm the surface area

We hope these simply tips will be easy enough for you to implement as they will only add to the longevity of your washing machine. Simply contact McIver’s Appliances today for further information!