Thanks to support from all of you, McIver’s Appliances has placed 3rd in this year’s Georgia Straight for Best Of Appliance Stores!

At McIver’s Appliances, we are overjoyed at placing 3rd! We love to provide people with the appliances that they need in order to make their lives easier. Appliances play a key role in our everyday lives, from storing our food, to cooking, to washing our clothes, and countless other tasks that would be much more difficult without them. We are proud to help out families across the Lower Mainland with appliances that are not only high quality, but made to last.

McIver’s Appliances wouldn’t be the store we are today without the support from all of our dedicated customers. Thanks to all of you, we’ve served the Lower Mainland for over 50 years, and we hope to do so for 50 more years in the future. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved this year, and our goal is to rise above and beyond in the future and do even better!

New to our emporium? Stop by McIver’s Appliances and say hi. We’d love to meet you!