What does 50 years get you? That’s half a century of experience. Imagine what has happened in the last 50 years. The invention of the smartphone, Facebook, and the rise of Donald Trump…Through it all the one thing that has been constant is McIver’s. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to appliance repair, service, and sales.

Whatever your family needs, we can help. We also offer industrial washing machines for strata’s and apartments. Large household appliances are quite an investment so repair and service are key when you don’t need a new appliance or can’t quite afford to make the investment. We know quality and want to give you an appliance that’s right for your lifestyle and budget. McIver’s has been a constant in Vancouver’s appliance service industry. For 50 years, we’ve been receiving awards and referrals and are grateful for everyone’s support and loyalty. We welcome all feedback and questions. We provide service for virtually every brand and model. With such a hot real estate market, upgrading your appliances or servicing them, helps with your curb appeal. Come in and talk to our experts and learn the best way to optimize the value of your appliances and home. Whether you’re a building manager, contractor, homeowner, or renter, there’s no scenario we haven’t faced. McIver’s here for you!

For more information on the brands we character or if you need a part or service, contact us today. We bring 50 years of service and 50 years of customer satisfaction.