When your refrigerator is giving you trouble, McIver’s Appliance is your go-to spot for refrigerator repairs and replacements in Vancouver. Hissing, sweating, leaking, or cycling on and off are all signs that your fridge is no longer working.

But how do you know if your appliance needs a repair, or if you should get an entirely new one? Here are some important facts to consider before making the decision.

Your Fridge’s Life Expectancy

Typically the life expectancy of a modern refrigerator is about 13 years. If your fridge is older than 7 years old and starting to break down, it may be time for a replacement.

Cost Of Repair Vs. Replacement

The general rule of thumb is that if the repair of your appliance will cost more than half the price of a new fridge, it might be wiser to replace it all together. A good deal would be if the repairs cost about 20-30% of a new appliance. Also note that if your fridge is still under warranty, your repair or replacement may be covered.

Is It Really Broken?

The issues you’re experiencing with your fridge might just be a quick fix, not a major repair issue! Double-check the instruction manual for the most common problems and solutions.

Still Unsure? Call The Experts!

If you’re not sure whether a repair or a replacement is the right option, give McIver’s Appliance in Vancouver a call and we can perform a fridge inspection to confirm the problem and recommend an appropriate solution.

McIver’s Appliance has been satisfying customers for over 50 years with high quality refrigerator systems from brands such as Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Kitchen Aid, and more.