Washing machines are one of the most important appliances in daily life, especially for busy families. When they break down it can be chaotic. McIver’s Appliances in Vancouver sells all major brand washing machines and has years of experience in washing machine repairs.

A lot of families are unfamiliar with how the different parts of their washing machines actually work. Understanding how the different parts of your washing machine work can help you know when there’s a problem and when you need to call a professional for help.

Keep in mind that parts and function will vary between washing machine models. If you have any questions about washing machine repairs, you can contact McIver’s Appliances in Vancouver, and an expert will be able to give you all the answers you need.

Washer Motors

A washer machine has an electric motor. The motor drives a gearbox that is attached to a steel inner tub or drum.


A washing machine has two steel tubs or drums. An inner drum holds the clothes and an outer drum that holds the inner drum in place. The inner drum is perforated with small holes that allow water to drain. The outer drum is water tight. That way water does not leak out of the washing machine.


A pump removes water from the drum when the wash has finished. A mechanical or electrical control called a programmer executes a series of steps to wash rinse and spin the clothes. There’s also two pipes that let water into the machine and another pipe lets the dirty water out of the machine. All of the pipes have valves on them which open and shut when necessary.


Top loading washing machines have an agitator. It’s a big paddle in the middle of the drum The agitator is responsible for moving the clothes around inside the steel tub. In a front loader, the spinning of the inner drum moves the clothes!
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