Vancouverites always know the best places to go – whether it’s the quaint coffee shop with the best latte art, or the best hidden spot for picnics in the summer. In this case, it’s the best professional appliance repair shop in Vancouver: McIver’s Appliances.

When you purchase an appliance, appliance parts, or repair services at McIver’s, you will not only receive what you came in for, but their goal is to also educate you on your appliance to make sure that it provides you with a full lifetime of service. McIver’s Appliances stands confidently behind the quality of their work on major appliance repairs in Vancouver, and are proud to say that they do not use any second rate parts when repairing your appliances. Local customers who have reviewed their appliance repairs also back up these statements.

A recent online testimonial reads, “I have depended on Jack McIver to sell me good appliances (new and used) and to repair those that need it since 1964 when my husband and I moved to Vancouver. As two impoverished, university professors in desperate need of a stove and refrigerator for the house we had rented, we visited his Broadway store.

He found us the used appliances we needed and, 12 years later, we were still using the refrigerator. In the meantime, we inherited a stove, which Jack kept in good repair until 1976 when we bought a new one—an Enterprise—on his advice; I am still using it and, again, it is Jack’s repairs that have made it possible for me to do so.

In short, all of my dealings with Jack have been extremely happy ones: I trust him absolutely to fix what is fixable and to give me excellent advice when a replacement is necessary. Jack is a great example of an honest and very knowledgeable business man.”

To get in touch with McIver’s Appliances repair service providers, give us a call today at (604)-879-4764.